Margaree and Pharris were at the Madeira capital's port at Funchal at the time of the accident. Aged 21, as a result of a recreational diving accident. SHAWINIGAN HMCS was a Royal Candian Navy Corvette of the Flower Class. scribe what happenedduring dive accidents at which they were pre-sent. Always thoughtful, loving and kind. I was stationed in Petawawa with 4 RCHA in May 1968 and vividly remember the tragic accident when a freak gust blew several paratroopers into the Ottawa River and, as a member of the Base Diving Club, was subsequently involved in the recovery of the bodies. HMCS Nootka-- 1953 History section HMCS Nipigon-- 1975 Brian Lapierre. At 6:05 AM Kootenay and Saguenay were ordered to separate from the task force and carry out a routine full-power trial. HMCS Micmac-- 1956-57 Gordon Stewart. Edition – 379 “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”Edmund Burke On the 25th November 1944 when on anti submarine patrol she was torpedoed by German submarine U-1228 and sunk. On 21 July Cdr. The two ships were on In loving memory of Sub-Lieutenant Cory Wells whose life was taken in a diving accident while serving in HMCS Margaree, February 8, 1991. The CO and four others on the bridge escaped. At 0230/22 the merchant vessel Port Fairy and HMCS Margaree collided. USS Pharris (FF-1094) was a Knox-class frigate named after Medal of Honor recipient Lieutenant Commander Jackson C. Pharris.It was originally designated as destroyer escort DE-1094 and later reclassified as a frigate with the designation FF-1094 in the United States Navy.In 1992 the ship was decommissioned and transferred to the Mexican Navy.It was recommissioned as ARM … Survivors PU by ML-102 (HMCS) (Canadian Motor launch) British Freedom Diving accident Raised and repaired, Surrendered in 1918 and scraped 2 Brazilian Officers who were observing torpedo firing exercises were among the 42 lost. He joined HMCS STAR in 2019 and had recently earned his … Naval spokesmen are saying little about the incident and an investigation is under way. HMCS Niobe-- 1900, 1911 History section WW1 William D. Johnston. She was 900 tons and built by Davie Shipbuilding and Repairing Co, Lauzon Pq - Ordered 1/2/1940, commissioned 19 September 1941. HMCS Naden-- 1947 Reginald H. Rhymes 1958-59 History section 1968-69 Robert Berbeck. Roy on board HMCS Margaree (Senior Officer of the escort) was ordered by the Admiralty (in a signal timed 1153 hours) to detach the merchant vessel Arundal Castle and remain with the convoy until 25°00'W and then disperse the convoy. HMCS Margaree-- 1977-78 Brian Lapierre. 11 lucky men were on liberty when the boat sank. Born Toronto, Ontario. LCdr Leyte describeda 1991 in-cident in Portugalin whichheand several other divers from HMCS Margaree were trapped underwa-ter in a vent ofUSS Pharris. The task force consisted of HMCS Bonaventure, HMCS Terra Nova, HMCS Fraser, HMCS St. Laurent, HMCS Ottawa, HMCS Assiniboine, HMCS Margaree, HMCS Saguenay, and Kootenay. Two divers diedbut LCdr Leyte sur-vived, and the incident is demon-strated through an animated seg-ment. Questions are being raised as to how the two divers came to be sucked into the vent. Your weekly national and international naval news for the week of October 16th, 2020. HMCS New Glasgow-- 1940's-50's History section.