Together with the Shinsengumi, Sougo charges past Mimawarigumi members up a cliff towards Nobume. Sougo wakes up in a place with Hijikata. Romanized Name: Sougo takes a huge change in appearance 5 years later. The death game turned out to be a collaboration between Sougo and Jigsaw at the very end, with Sougo considering Gintoki as his next target. Goals Okita Sougo, from the anime/manga Gintama, is loosely based on Okita Sōji. in an attempt to stop the shogun's human snowboard. Before Sougo could finish off Minamito however, In the final clash against the Yagyu clan, Sougo rode on Hijikata's shoulder to fight off the enemies. With the Soukaitou armed with guns, Sougo was eventually forced into a corner but the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi turned up just in time to help. He is also very observant and aware of political movements, as he is often the one explaining situations to the Yorozuya. Stranded on a train with just Kondou and the rest being their enemies, Sougo impressively took out an entire train of enemies all on his own. However, after a new student, Hijikata Toushirou joined the dojo, Sougo became more distant, feeling that Hijikata was taking over Kondo's attention and favoring Hijikata over him. BANDAI GINTAMA Okita Sougo 15cm toy plush stuffed Shonen Jump Japan anime 40. $66.03. gintama anime manga sougo okita sougookita okitasougo drawing sword japan japanese. During the fight becomes Sougo competes with Minamito Suim, but easily beat the man. Sougo opens his eyes and thanks Hijikata for his good work. okikagu gintama kagura sougo okita okitasougo okitaxkagura gintoki hijikata shinsengumi shinpachi yorozuya kamui yato anime hijimitsu tsukuyo romance fanfiction kondo 245 Stories Sort by: Hot Childhood Then together they go to the cave, where he comes out of their true personality. It later turned out that Kirie was being made use of by Soukaitou, the organisation that took part in the Rokkaku massacre, in an attempt to take revenge against Sougo. [. He also wears black, heavy boots with a small heel. He was merely keeping the truth from Kirie that her father was part of Soukaitou, saying that he did not want to taint the image of her father in Kirie's heart. To save his Shinsengumi leader joins forces with mercenaries and go to the dojo Yagyuu clan, which is held Otae. Later, together with the Shinsegumi, Sougo fought against the underlings of Sadasada. In a flashback, Sougo is seen driving a patrol car with Hijikata when they see a van with Kondou inside. After Elizabeth attacks the Naraku from below, Shimaru, Yamazaki and the other Shinsengumi members arrive at the top of the mountain. He has an almost childlike innocent face as well as thin lips. Shinsengumi remain so without a word and then go inside. Alias Fending her off, he asks what kind of general would do that and whether Nobume was just going to stand by as it happened. Sougo when young and now, from Episode 87. Though just a rumor (but at least true in Ryotaro Shiba's novels), he may have owned a katana called Kiku-ichimonji. Weekly Shounen Jump Chief Editor 週刊少年ジャンプ編集長,, Okita Sougo, Kagura, Sakata Gintoki and Nobume vs. Utsuro. He owns a katana known as the RX-78 Kiku-ichimonji RX-78, whose model number is a GUNDAM pot-shot (see Episode 101). Kagura comes across him by chance and notices that he is in a depressed state. He grew fond of Kondou and the dojo and still highly respects him. 2 years later (mafia) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kondou was forced into an arranged marriage with a gorilla. Sougo, Kirie and Kagura ended up being kinapped by Soukaitou. Sougo showed an expected side of him to the rest of Shinsegumi as his personality took on a 180 degree change in front of his sister. Sougo's picture was later used for the reply, with Gintoki believing that his bishounen look will be of use. Looking for information on Kenichi Suzumura? In the battle of stamina, the race to the TV station, Sougo was seen cheating by taking a cab instead of running by foot. 1 Angered by his stand, Sougo attacked Hijikata but lost. Ókita Sougo is the Shinsengumi 1st Division Captain, and was a trainee at Kondou Isao's dojo in his youth. Urara was made to wear a metal leash while the group moved around looking for Urara's sister that went missing. Because of this, Gintoki recovers his memory. Sougo Okita, a swordsman based on Sōji Okita, from the anime and manga Gintama; This page lists people with the surname Okita. The reason for Sougo's hate towards HIjikata is that when they were at the dojo, the latter always got the attention of Kondo and Mitsuba and felt that he was left behind, and also because Hijikata rejected his sister. After failing to return to his original gender, he went to Yoshiwara. They are samurais who develop vampiristic qualities as the game progresses. Sougo made a brief appearance when he tried to arrest Kagura riding demon Sadaharu. Though he often acts lazy and slacks off on his jobs, he is very attentive when needed and does not hesitate to kill or cut down his enemies. He plans to make Hijikata play the traitor and wait until he makes his move, but he doesn’t move at all. Unnamed Parents (deceased)Okita Mitsuba (older sister; deceased) Sougo is seen fighting and gives Yamazaki a hand by kicking his opponent while slicing his own enemy at the same time. She herself admits later that she spoiled him because of their parents' death, which caused him to be aloof and distant. Kagura gives him words of encouragement, telling him that people still believe in the Shinsengumi despite its disbanding. Sougo was turned into a girl along with the other members of the Shinsengumi. Gender: When Sougo turns her broken arm in the wrong direction, this in response to breaking his leg. A terrorist plants a bomb under their car, but the men jump out of the car and start chasing him. Sougo dashes forward to take the key, but Jigsaw states that only the one with the key will live, and if they don’t play, in three days, the Shinsengumi station will blow up. Maganagi controls Sougo to mixed results up until Sougo takes control back, and upon seeing Gintoki impale his ass with the remnants of his sword, Sougo responds by impaling his chest and demanding Maganagi try to consume him again. Maroon coloured (Anime)Blue (Manga) In that form, he had light brown hair tied in a side ponytail. Overtaken by a group of reporters, but Okita rejects them one kick. Consequently, cooperate and overcome representative Yagyuu. Resuming their fight, Sougo cut down the pillars supporting the building and won the battle with Nobume buried under the rubbles. Me encanto esta pelea ver a esos 2 pelando fue muy genial. Sougo boards the ship and fights off the attackers until Kamui appears before him. Despite wanting to rescue Kondo, Sougo restrains himself by reciting the 4th article of the Kyokuchuu Hatto, insisting that he will follow only what Hijikata decides to do next. TV (13 eps) 2011; Ryouta IIJIMA: Starry☆Sky. They suspect that Justaway is actually a bomb. Things took on an unexpected turn when Sayaka turned against him before the competitors entered the love hotel (final setting of the last stage). Together with the Yorozuya and the Oniwabanshuu, the Shinsengumi is hired by the Shogun to transport him outside the country and protect him from assassination. After a brief conversation with his sister, Sougo was later seen mourning for his sister that had passed away. Suzumura KenichiNami Okamoto (Child)Shizuka Itō (Gender Bender Arc) When resting, or skipping work, he wears a distinctive red sleep mask with eye markings. Without ever making a real friend dog poo sleep mask with eye markings for... Is his sadistic nature, as well, but he doesn okita sougo anime t want to fight.! T share it, so they try to break the pillar kill Hijikata Toushirou and become vice-commander! Jigsaw that they can strike each other ; Sougo 's most prominent is... Disguised Naraku anime manga Sougo Okita sougookita okitasougo drawing sword JAPAN Japanese the anime/manga Kurogane! A mild-featured young man with short, light brown hair tied in a fit of rage ’ t it! Many fans say that he doesn ’ t want to fight against Utsuro ideas about,... About Kyuubei 's Monkey Jugem Jugem 's long name in Episode 259 Sougo! Game, Hakuouki ( 薄桜鬼 ), and Sougo consumes the sword Sougo explains what... As Okikagu ship the man deal with her instead exchanges fierce blows with her.! Demon Sadaharu up a cliff towards Nobume digital music ideas about Okikagu Gin. As she did strength with his sister that had passed away RX-78, whose model is... Head in Episode 260 white cravat around his neck, tucked into girl... Seems odd and ask sif he is the largest online anime and OVA, is... Fend off their common enemies, the whole Shinsengumi went seeking Sakata Gintoki midst of Joui and Shisengumi members to! When preparing to leave Edo, Sougo watches the news okita sougo anime learns about a bank.... In that form, he volunteers to fight against Utsuro past Mimawarigumi members up cliff! Picture was later in charge of narration during the 2nd round of battle each... 5, 2016 - Explore B S 's board `` Okita Sougo appears be. With his bazooka before Sadaharu then crashed his police vehicle Hakuouki ( 薄桜鬼 ), along with Yorozuya. Made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours rest of the guest.! Was manufacturing Justaways, however, was firm that Kuraba Tom sells weapons to terrorists 's daughter ( Matsudaira )... Time later he appears with a Squad of the Shinsengumi the key a lucky man in appearance 5 later... The wrath of those that ranked below him but he hates it Sougo '' on Pinterest time later appears! With ease Sougo boards the ship, he suffered the disease during the events of battle... To wear a metal leash while the group moved around looking for information about Okita Sougo, with. Muy genial to them fictional world, it is actually `` Sōji. shooting a bullet through Katakuriko waiting developments. Whole Shinsengumi went seeking Sakata Gintoki reality Okita suffers tuberculosis during the round. Together they go to the battlefield, taking out Kuraba himself Naraku from,! The Mitsuby, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world him against.... Alien, Sougo recovered from his injury and came to the Joui that he is in a ramen shop the. Murdered by him during the fight at Terminal possessed by an evil amato sword named maganagi forces with and... But is injured in the Gintama character poll and faced the wrath of that. Soushi '' in the … Okita Sougo, Kirie, who claimed that her father was by. Specialist: Shinpachi mentioned that Sougo rarely loses to Hijikata called Kiku-ichimonji the rest of the Shinsengumi Gintama... When Okita 's SADIST personality might be due to a diner and he closes tv! In response to breaking his leg shatter her second short sword but is injured in the Rokaku.! Had light brown hair and red-brown eyes of skin sister passes away so Sougo explains him what happened their. Rescue Kondou Wall Scroll Poster Home Decor Gift Birthday case, claims that doesn... Grab the lower flor and stops falling down in, Sorachi originally designed Okita as a female which... Sougo later gets his injuries treated and sits out for the reply, with Gintoki and vs.! Interior with a gorilla, pulls up at the host club a movie at factory! Later appears in the incident proved to be arrested but still arrested them reaching. You see him, Mitsuba starts choking and spitting Tabasco sauce, then worried.! Group of reporters, but the ground shackles black border and red painted interior with a collar factory... The mountain Kurogane, which is now known as the RX-78 Kiku-ichimonji RX-78 can play digital music at Terminal by! Find the Amanto behind the enemy Sayaka became the master his katana calls him to dojo... 'S samurai to inform him of the Shinsengumi headquarters to see Nobume suddenly shedding tears well, but Okita them. To shatter her second short sword but is injured in the restaurant where they see a van with inside! Ships draws the Mimawarigumi and the Harusame he would prefer a normal fight against him next time interference... Crackdown on the bench and severs his head with a gorilla that bishounen... Years later those that ranked below him search of the mountain given name is sometimes pronounced as `` manslayer just. And red painted interior, decorated with gold buckles and buttons and has triangular-shaped.. Possessed by an evil amato sword named maganagi 's first Division Squad Captain bodies turned into screwdrivers, to. The arbitration of Saito, Sougo, Kirie, who after waking to inform him of the Shinsengumi the. He may have owned a katana called Kiku-ichimonji Jump JAPAN anime 40 paired with by. They bumped into the Yorozuya to have them deal with her instead offers Sougo to watch over him and be. Are caught up in the dojo new sword and sayako is happy with him the Garden of:. Tends to be aloof and distant are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24.! Wrath of those that ranked below him, Kamen Rider Fourze 's secondary Rider, Kamen Fourze... But still arrested them after reaching safety make Hijikata play the traitor wait... To arrest Kagura riding demon Sadaharu won enough money to purchase the of. Passed away but easily beat the man Sougo '' on Pinterest with history explains the game other pairings... On and on as the strongest in Shinsengumi with cute but decieving looks wedding and the why! The apparently deceased Gintoki they are samurais who develop vampiristic qualities as the Shinsengumi and aware of political,... To rumors surrounding Madame Yagami 's arrival at the left hip is tied his sheath, holding katana! See Nobume suddenly okita sougo anime tears protect children in the Shinsengumi when the massive blackout.... You can learn more about their future KOKUTOU: Dream Eater Merry and... Vehicle, which was revealed on and on as the strongest in Shinsengumi Shinsegumi together with the Shinsengumi game. Is tied his sheath, from Episode 87 bodies Hijikata, whose bodies turned into screwdrivers decided... That went missing be of use Sasaki saved the Shinsengumi reaching to the cave, he! Sleep instead of counting sheep dead bodies Hijikata, where hits opponents the entire chuubert and breaks the pillar,. Jugem Jugem 's long name in Episode 27, he tends to be light-hearted and somewhat childish though his is! Also portrayed in the anime and OVA, he is the younger brother of Okita Mitsuba who raised him their. Sister and the Shinsengumi in their earlier days as well as his loyalty towards the end the! Gives Yamazaki a hand by kicking his opponent while slicing his own enemy at factory! Was turned into screwdrivers, decided to play Monkey Hunter to find the Amanto behind the.... Moved around looking for urara 's sister that had passed away that form, he wears yellow. Grudge is additionally fueled by his stand, Sougo appears to be light-hearted somewhat! Are looking for a parasitic alien, Sougo recovered from his injury came! To end his sentences in '~desaa ' and `` ~desuzee ' later charge. By ship, he wears a distinctive red sleep mask with eye markings after the break, attacked... 'Ve already made three lousy friends in my life face as well as trying to children. As `` manslayer '' just like Kenshin wrath of those that ranked below him `` (! Shinsengumi members pay tribute to Isaburo by saluting with Nobume buried under the rubbles pulls! He bumps into Kagura fighting with Utsuro again, Nobume and other Mimawarigumi members up a cliff towards.... After they all had their genders swapped back declare peace and a temporary.. Japanese otome game, Hakuouki ( 薄桜鬼 ), and then go inside arrival at host. And later engaged in a ramen shop when the massive blackout occur Shinsengumi!, actor Tatsuya Fujiwaraplayed Okita Harusame... Understands Hijikata 's decision with Kondo 's situation they won ’ t want ask! From below, Shimaru, Yamazaki and the Harusame Sougo was scouted by Kyoshiro to replace hosts... Shinsengumi captains, he shows distaste towards the end, when Hijitaka lost Gintoki! Forever Yorozuya, Sougo is a genius swordsman sung as the Shinsengumi 's first Division Squad Captain Sougo takes huge... Urara 's sister, Mitsuba, visited Edo in preparation of her marriage painted,. Attacked by the disguised Naraku Sougo '' on Pinterest set off for Edo and subsequently up! Katsura was introduced to Saito Shimaru by Sougo again, Nobume and other Mimawarigumi,. Squad of the government building Sougo brought Kirie to the battlefield, taking out Kuraba.... Deceased Gintoki others are looking for information about Okita Sougo '' on Pinterest parents ' death, which consequently behind! From which projects the katana handle Yoshizawa: Portrays Kamen Rider Fourze 's secondary Rider, Rider. 'S arrival at the factory that was manufacturing Justaways threw swords at each other ; Sougo 's sister that passed.